Adapting Education

I am updating everyone to announce a website I’m opening up that I’ve kept for some time now to myself as I was building it.  I never thought of publishing our educational progress but the more I’ve used it the more I realize it might be interesting to others too.  So I’ll be posting a link below to the new site as well as a little update telling you how the girls are doing learning & growing.  Enjoy.



An Update May 2016


Adapting Education

Lilybird’s Freedom Updates: Lily & Timber



It has been a month since Lily has been united with her service dog Timber.  Below you will find links to the updates so that you can read the changes that are happening and be a part of the joy that are lives are experiencing.  I hope you enjoy reading.

To view the updates click below:

part i

graphic fixed part II

Lily’s Story: Part 3

I have compiled together new information that reflects where Lily is right now in June 2015.  Please take some time to visit Lily’s Story page and find the new post there named Lily’s Story:  Part 3 or click this link.

Additionally, I have gathered notes about skills in general that Lily has been successful in doing and those that we are working on. This post can be viewed at  You can click here for a direct link to the pdf.  I hope you enjoy watching her progress.  Thank you for joining us.


ty for caring


Thank You


We want to thank you. Except we don’t just want to thank you. We want to wrap our arms around you & give you back the kindness you’ve given us. Every donation received is appreciated. I never thought we could get this far. And here we are a month away from something Lily has waited for for 18 months. It’s here. We’re excited. And you’ve made it possible. Thank you.


The time has come. Next month we are traveling North to meet and bring home our daughters new life long companion, her autism service dog. Originally, the choice was between two dogs, a male & female. As time revealed the female dog, Timber was the dog that was found to be best suited for Lily’s needs. We are very excited. We are proud to share with you a collection of pictures that the caretakers & trainers have taken over the course of Timbers life. I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as we did.


We are very thankful for the people who have brought us here at this point & we thank you & hope to share many positive stories with you in the years to come of Lily’s progress with her companion.


I will continue posting stories & progress on so that we can watch the progress and look back & see just how far we’ve come. This will only get better. Thank you for joining us in the journey. Xx

Lilybird Speaks

Lily has lifted her voice. She sings. And now she speaks. I’ll say it again. Lily speaks. I knew it would happen. I knew she was listening. And magically the pieces fall together like scenes in a movie that she remembers and rearranges their meaning into real life situations. The whole time we were telling the story she was remembering the order. Scripting the hidden meanings of the words behind the actors voices. Placing them into her world as needed. Forming the words in her mind for the voice that was rising from the thoughts inside her mind which were real. Manipulating the songs she was singing into a song that held meaning to her. Singing them with us, to us, for us. While we were waiting for her to speak it suddenly happened when we stopped waiting. When we believed it would it did. She sings to us. For us. She speaks to us. For us. For herself. To herself. To the world. And I hear her. You hear her. The world hears her. And UNDERSTANDS what she is saying. Understanding the world is beautiful. And when the world understands you you become a part of the world. And it becomes a part of you as do the people in it with the voices that spring the ideas that make us the social animals which we are. Lily has lifted her voice. Lilybird Speaks.  

Please visit for further details.

Thank You

We would like to thank you for your recent donations towards Lily’s service dog.  The time is approaching & soon she will meet which dog will become her new partner.  We will keep you posted.

New Post Today

Besides the new post at you can view at lilybirdspeaks we wanted to share some pictures with you of our female candidate as Lily’s new best friend.  Meet Timber.  




And you remember Bruno, our male candidate:



We would be proud to accept either one into our family and we couldn’t be happier that we’ve been given the chance   🙂  More later.


Updates on Lily!

I have updated some information on Lily to give everyone an idea of the progress she has made this past year.  We are very proud to say she is doing much better with both speech & occupational therapy since starting her new school last year.   We will try to keep posts available to keep track of her new daily activities so you can be proud right along with us.   You can find a link on on the right sidebar to reach the new page and click on the icon picture or blog roll.  You can also click here:  Just scroll down or search for posts while you are there.  There isn’t much there yet but there plenty to be written.

Thank You

We would like to thank everyone for reading our story so far and we hope that you will pass the word on to others so that they might be able to find their paths to freedom also.