Retrieving Freedom






Lily & Trey of Retrieving Freedom

 “Animals are what make us Human.”

-Temple Grandin

Retrieving Freedom is a non-profit corporation that trains service dogs for Veterans, children with autism and adults and children with Diabetes.  Their dogs are united with their recipients based on the needs of the recipient and the responsiveness to the dog to the individual.  They allow the dogs to pick their new owners based on a comfortable connection between dog and handler.  Like the pieces of the puzzle of autism each dog has unique qualities as each child has his/her own individual differences.  The success of the story comes from the ability to make these perfect puzzle pieces fit.

The training process for the dogs takes 24 months.  To view a complete description of the training process please click here to view their training process overview.

The idea of using service dogs for autism is a relatively new concept.  When Temple Grandin spoke to the world about the beauty of connecting with animals the world listened.  She explained that, “The main difference between animal emotions and human emotions is that animals don’t have mixed emotions the way normal people do.  Animal emotion is simple and pure.  If an animal loves you he loves you no matter what.”  No matter what.  That is a gift within itself.

“Animal emotion is simple and pure.”

-Temple Grandin

The enrichment an autism service dog brings to the life of a child with autism is endless.  It grows with each new connection made and the possibilities are brighter than the rainbow it takes to reach them.  Temple Grandin also said, “Strong emotions in animals are usually like a sudden thunderstorm.  They blow in and they blow back out.”  A rainbow can only happen when it’s raining reminding us that something beautiful is behind every cloud with a silver lining.  It is a peaceful easy feeling to know that Retrieving Freedom is there to give you shelter from the storm.

To learn more about Retrieving Freedom and what they can do for children with autism please click here.  

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