Lilybird Speaks

Lily has lifted her voice. She sings. And now she speaks. I’ll say it again. Lily speaks. I knew it would happen. I knew she was listening. And magically the pieces fall together like scenes in a movie that she remembers and rearranges their meaning into real life situations. The whole time we were telling the story she was remembering the order. Scripting the hidden meanings of the words behind the actors voices. Placing them into her world as needed. Forming the words in her mind for the voice that was rising from the thoughts inside her mind which were real. Manipulating the songs she was singing into a song that held meaning to her. Singing them with us, to us, for us. While we were waiting for her to speak it suddenly happened when we stopped waiting. When we believed it would it did. She sings to us. For us. She speaks to us. For us. For herself. To herself. To the world. And I hear her. You hear her. The world hears her. And UNDERSTANDS what she is saying. Understanding the world is beautiful. And when the world understands you you become a part of the world. And it becomes a part of you as do the people in it with the voices that spring the ideas that make us the social animals which we are. Lily has lifted her voice. Lilybird Speaks.  

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